aSAN (Storage Virtualization)

2-3 copies of data are stored and data can be written synchronously so as to ensure data consistency. SSD as cache is utilized for higher IOPS. With the patented I/O localization technology, aSAN can detect where VM’s data is stored and make it a priority to run the VM on that physical host, dramatically increase IOPS in a clustered environment.

aSV (Hypervisor)

Using distributed resources scheduler, dynamic resources scheduling functions can be achieved by VMP without installing agents.

High Availability

Applications can be restored from networking, host and storage layer in an extremely short time if physical node failed in the cluster.

Integrated Backup and Recovery

Daily incremental backup and hourly snapshot backup with no need of backup software or host.

Ultra-Simplified Operation

1 integrated software stack. Deploy infrastructure to support business in minutes. “What You Draw is What You Get” topology. Very limited manual operation is needed. Virtualized data center displays real-time flow based on ports, uplink and downlink of virtual machine