Quanta Server

Quanta Computer is Global Company from Taiwan focusing for Computer hardware electronics (OEM & ODM). Along with technological developments Quanta established a company that focuses on Cloud Technology (QCT).

Different between Quanta Computer Inc. and Quanta Cloud Technology is :
• Quanta Computer Inc. is Parent of QCT and focuses on ODM BUsiness, provides a wide range of capabilities to QCT, including engineering, manufacturing, system and rack integration and supply chain support through the Quanta global network
• Quanta Cloud Technology (QTC), sells own-brand servers, storage, networking, integrated rack systems and cloud solutions to cloud service providers, large enterprises, and – through channel partners – to Enterprises and SMBs. Offers a full spectrum of datacenter products and services from engineering, configuration, integration, optimization to global supply chain support, all under one roof QCT Solution for customer :
• Quanta OPEN STACK Solution
• Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) BLOCK Hyper Converged
• Strorage Virtualization
• Big Data