Inspur Server

Inspur is one of the largest global datacenter and cloud computing solutions provider in the world. Our technological capabilities enable us to deliver full Cloud service stack from Iaas and PaaS to SaaS. We are widely recognized as the leaders in computing and server hardware design and production, and work with more than 1,000 enterprises around the world in end to end HPC, cloud computing, and private and public cloud management.

Inspur Product :
• Servers : Intelligent design with high efficiency and scalability
• Mission Critical Server : Ultra-high performance engines with
reliability rate of 99.999%
• Storage : Large-scale data storage for higher access efficiency
• Rack System : Rack Scale Server and InCloudRack

Inspur has The Total Solutions You Need :
• Cloud Computing
• Big Data
• Data Center
• Smart City
• e-Goverment
• e-Education
• e-Taxation