PT. Pioneer Kreasi is a System Integrator of IT Solutions that focus on after sales service with a network service that is scattered in several major cities in Indonesia. PT. Pioneer Kreasi is one of the business units of Cormic Technology Group who already have experience in the field of IT Distribution and IT Services. We work closely with some of the principal of a variety of leading brands and supported by experienced professionals.

Professional Sales & On site Engineer

We have professional sales forces and experienced in providing the best solutions for your IT needs. We also have powerful engineers spread across several major cities in Indonesia who are ready to provide after-sales service quality assurance

Customer Response Center

In order to provide excellent after sales service to our customer, we have the Customer Response Centre that ready to serve all complaints from customers. Please contact us at the email CRC: support@pioneerkreasi.co.id

Network support

Our after sales service network is spread across the major cities in Indonesia